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I am Jacob Thompson and introducing myself will save me writing this all in the third person.   

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, one of five kids.  I got my start in community theater and opera, toured the nation and Canada with a children's choir and have never really done anything else but sing and act.  My only high school job other than dinner theater was running sound and lights for my father's hypnosis stage show.  

I followed my best friend to New York at 17 and attended Wagner College, Princeton Review's #1 Theater Program.  Their classical approach to class work balanced my summers when I worked intense seasons at rural summerstocks including the Papermill Theater (NH) and Arundel Barn (MN).  I graduated and moved to Astoria, NY like everybody else I knew and started working in a Time Square tourist joint - Ellen's Stardust Diner - a restaurant where the waiters sing, dance and serve to the bustling crowds attending nearby "Mamma Mia" and "Wicked".  Singing on Broadway.  Technically.  This was a wonderful gap-filler in between regional gigs all over the country, including over 300 performances as the Beast in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." 

 I spent a year singing all the Princes (Hercules, Charming, Phillip, even Shang and Green Army Man) aboard the Disney Wonder and then spent another year singing lead (and only) male on the Carnival Glory.  Seeing a bit more of the world while singing 80's pop astride a rotating, levitating, giant pink phone.  I have pictures.  

Then I spent a season as the understudy of the lead in the First National Tour of "Divorce Party: the Musical".  You can currently catch the non-Eq version in Vegas.

I also do video blogs on Youtube as well as written blogs on Readwave.  I booked my first voiceover gig reading the audiobook for "The Last Moriarty" available on to some great reviews.

I am proud to continually do new works in New York City, a five-time veteran of the New York Musical Theater Festival and the New York Fringe Festival.  I record demos of new shows and take part in constant readings of upcoming works.  It's a passion of mine to create new characters in oft-times challenging environments.

Recently Film and Television opportunities have begun to present themselves.  I got to break my teeth in the short film "The Porn Director" by Karate Chop Productions in the role of the clueless stud "Chad" and just filmed the lead role in the Season 3 Finale of Discovery ID Channel's "My Dirty Little Secret."  I'm really looking forward to putting all my theater experience to work in this new area of performance.  I really think these talkies are gonna take off...

If you think we can make some great art together, please contact me, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and find out about me!